Motorcycle Radar Mounts

How Does The AdaptivMount™ Work?

Traditional motorcycle radar mounts have a single top plate that transfers vibrations directly from the motorcycle, through the mount, right to your gadget. The AdaptivMount™, however, is designed with two plates separated by AdaptiSorb™ vibration dampers. Your motorcycle radar detector mounts to the top plate only. With this design, the vibrations are absorbed through the dampers BEFORE they reach your TPX Motorcycle Radar Detector. Therefore, our custom motorcycle mounts and cradles are ideal for all road and weather conditions.

AdaptiSorb™ Anti-Vibration Technology Comparison Chart

Absorbs road vibration

Form and Function

Choosing custom mounts and cradles has always been a tradeoff between adjustability, ease of installation, aesthetics, size, and vibrations. Custom made motorcycle mounts and cradles are specific to your motorcycle radar needs. With the AdaptivMount™, you get it all.

The double ball-joint design provides a high degree of freedom for optimal positioning, easy adjustment, and simple installation. High strength steel and aircraft grade aluminum components ensure a sturdy connection, while the AdaptiSorb™ Anti-Vibration technology protects your gadgets in a sleek, compact design.

Key Features:

  • AdaptiSorb™ Anti-Vibration Technology protects your gadgets
  • High strength steel and aircraft grade aluminum construction
  • Highly adjustable with the turn of just one screw
  • Simple installation
  • Sleek, compact design
  • Bike specific models
  • Industry standard AMPS hole pattern and camera mounting hole
  • Mounting Hardware and Double Sided Adhesive Tape included
  • Model specific cradles available for GPS, Cell Phones, MP3 Players, and most other gadgets

Finally, a mount that does it all!

Which Motorcycle Mount do I Need For My Bike?

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